Historical Context of

The Conspiracy to Assassinate

Jesus Christ

The Conspiracy to Assassinate Jesus Christ is constructed from the pieced-together, often contradictory accounts of Sejanus’ real life exploits in The Annals of Cornelius Tacitus, Cassius Dio’s Roman History, Ben Johnson’s play Sejanus, Guglielmo Ferrero’s Women of the Caesars, relevant works of Philo of Alexandria, and volumes of Internet-based documents.


The principal sources for the story of Jesus Christ are several highly respected English translations of the Bible. The New Testament account of Jesus is faithfully maintained and never intentionally misrepresented, with artistic license taken only for the denouement of Judas.


The Conspiracy to Assassinate Jesus Christ

combines an accurate historical account of Sejanus’ bid for power with an original and convincing interpretation of the motivations of Pontius Pilate, Judas Iscariot, Joseph Caiaphas, and the Sanhedrin and their respective roles in the execution of Jesus.


Lucius Sejanus was one of the most Machiavellian schemers in history. He was an arbiter of life and death, worshipped as a living god and immortalized in stone. Oaths were sworn upon his fortunes and sacrifices were made in his name, but he ultimately became little more than a footnote in history.



His meteoric rise to power, built on the backbone of the elite Praetorian Guard he created, is filled with every ingredient of a movie director’s dream action / mystery movie; political assassinations, murder and state executions, personal betrayal, treason trials, political intrigue, civil war, extortion, seduction, adultery, sexual largess and extremes, despotism, revenge and vengeance, and large-scale government corruption.


Word Length: 91,200


Religious suspense alternative historical fiction


ISBN: 978-0-9688895-5-8

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Target Readers

This story will appeal to Christians, action-adventure and mystery-thriller readers, conspiracy buffs, alternative history fans, those interested in the historical authenticity of Jesus Christ, and those interested in Roman history.

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